About Greg

Greg Trail is a multi-faceted musician and composer who has lived in St. Charles for most of his life. He is a graduate of Northern Illinois University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Composition, and also holds a Certificate in Music Production from Elgin Community College.

He got his first keyboard for Christmas when he was 5 years old, and took piano lessons for 18 more years. As he grew up, he took it upon himself to also learn guitar and percussion, and also explored composition and songwriting. In fact, he was the winner in the MTNA Composition Competition twice for the state of Illinois, and went on to place second in the Midwest regional both times. Throughout high school and college, he performed and composed in a wide variety of styles, including rock, jazz, and classical, and is eager to share these experiences with students!

Greg has formally taught piano lessons for 5 years, and has tutored children in various subjects from as young as his teenage years. As an educator, Greg believes in finding a customized approach to every student, allowing for the best personal experience for everyone. He has worked with special needs students, including those in his own family, and is known for his patience and readiness to work with special needs musicians. A positive atmosphere is important for learning an instrument, so Greg always strives to find the right teaching methods for each student, while keeping a focus on each pupil’s personal goals. With the founding of Music Box on the Fox, Greg is excited to bring fun, inclusive, and inspirational music lessons and classes to kids and adults in the heart of St. Charles.

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