My current teaching availability is:
Monday through Thursday, afternoons and evenings.

Other options may also be available (please ask).

All events will be held live and also streamed online, unless otherwise noted. Come in person to the second floor of 11 E Main St. in St. Charles, or watch online on Google Meet.

Upcoming Events:

Happy New Year – group classes have returned for 2023!

Songwriters’ Workshop
Wednesday January 25, 7-9 PM

The Songwriters’ Workshop is a chance for you to share your musical creations, whether you’re a professional, amateur, or have never written a song before in your life! This is a safe, non-judgmental space to get feedback on your creative works from a varied group of musicians, so bring in whatever you’d like a response on. Just bring your tunes, your instrument, and your creativity, and we’ll have a great time listening to and learning about music!

What’s Up With Your Music Taste?
Wednesday February 22, 7-9 PM

Why do you like the music you like? And why do you HATE other music? How could someone else possibly like music you think “sucks”? Let’s dive into these questions in a fun environment where you can share your favorite songs! We’ll learn about many genres of music and how each has different methods of tickling your ears.

PREVIOUS CLASSES (from 2021): (See something you like? Feel free to request a topic again!)

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Chord Personalities – Don’t Have an Identity Crisis! (Nov 15th)
Songwriters’ Workshop (Oct 19th)
How the Legend of Zelda Taught Me Music Theory (Sept 20th)
What’s Under the Hood? (How We Took Apart Our Piano) (Aug 24th)
Songwriters’ Workshop (July 26th)

Marching Madness with Sousa (June 29th)
Songwriters’ Workshop (May 24th)
What’s Up With Your Music Taste? (April 27th)
Music Theory for Guitarists (March 22nd)
Intro to Music Theory: Keys and Chords (Oct 7th)

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